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Cinemble is a very large ensemble while at the same time it is many smaller ones. It is the possibility of their creation and the design of their format. Cinemble does not have a fixed form. It changes according to a project's needs and the ideas that serve those needs. It is a living organism that changes and adapts according to the environment in which it is going to exist and the goals that it is going to serve.


Cinemble, today, is an ever expanding network each time aiming to serve the artistic process at any stage. It unites people of the arts and more specifically musicians and other experts of the music industry. In short, Cinemble can take on:

  • The combination of musicians to form an ensemble based on the needs of each project. The number of musicians can be from 2 to 15, if, for example, there is a need for a chamber orchestra.
  • Recording
  • Post-production / Mixing & Mastering
  • Audiovisual material
  • Preparation of full score and parts for the recording

Contracted studios: