Stavros Markonis is a film composer based in Athens and Rotterdam. After studying contemporary composition in Greece (Ionian University) and UK (University of York), he specialized in composing for film and television in the Netherlands - it is in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and the Nederlandse Film Academy that he completed his studies. Considering the music and the sound environment as one of the main factors that lead to the final audiovisual result and define it in a great extent, he works on every single project not only following the steps that he trusts as a ritual but also being "present" and willing to adapt to new circumstances.

What do these mean? He never imagines his music as a whole at the beginning of each project. He starts by picking elements (musical and non) which serve different aspects of the storytelling and playing around them. From using location sounds to conceptual arrangements or directing the musicians as actors during the recordings to reach the wanted emotion, he takes it as far as the conditions allow. The merge of these choices will result in his music.

Since 2009, he has been composing music for films, TV series, documentaries, theatrical and other artistic productions - many of which have been awarded - inside and outside Europe and since 2017, he is a member of the European Film Academy and the European Talent Network. In 2019, he won the Buma Award for the category of Best Original Composition in a Television Series for his music in the dutch series “Ik Weet Wie Je Bent”.