Born in 1988 and raised in Athens, Stavros Markonis is a Greek freelance film composer also specializing in composing for television, theater, dancetheater, video games and other music related projects.

He has studied Contemporary Composition in the Ionian University (Greece) and University of York (UK) and Composition for Film in the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and Nederlandse Film Academy (Netherlands). His rock/electronic background shows in the variety of tools he uses throughout his various projects while it defines his musical approach and style.

Since 2017 he is a member of the European Film Academy and the European Talent Network.

He currently lives in the Netherlands.


"Scared of Revolution" (feature documentary)(post-production), Netherlands - 2018

"Hitchhiking" (feature film)(post-production), Greece - 2018

"Ik Weet Wie Je Bent" season 1 (TV Series)(pre-production), Netherlands - 2018

"How to be Young" (short film)(post-production), Netherlands - 2015

"Desert Dash" (short film), Australia - 2018

"Gelukzoekers" (feature TV film), Netherlands - 2018

"Thúshaven Bartlehiem" (documentary TV mini-series), Netherlands - 2017

"Harbour" (short film), Netherlands - 2017

"Het Bestand" (TV feature film), Netherlands - 2017

"Ik was pas 14" (short documentary film), Netherlands - 2016

"Vlucht HS13" season 1 (TV Series), Netherlands - 2016

"De Fractie" season 3 (TV Series), Netherlands - 2016

"De Fractie" season 2 (Tv Series), Netherlands - 2015/16

"Dark Machine" (short film), Netherlands - 2016

"Breng Me Naar't Zuiden" (short documentary film), Netherlands - 2016

"Vers Awards 2016" (teaser), Netherlands - 2015

"Moving Landscapes" (short documentary film), Netherlands - 2015

"In de Schaduw van de Tijd" (short film), Netherlands - 2015

"Naar de Overkaant" (short documentary film), Netherlands - 2015

"υπο-" (short film), Greece - 2013

"Red City", Greece - 2012

"Unfair World"(cinematic trailer), Greece - 2011

"Plato's Academy", Greece - 2009

Other Works

"Unabomber" (theatrical narration), Greece - 2014

"Moist Eyes" (theatrical play), Greece - 2013

"Greece: Muse of Dance" (Dancing Production), Greece - 2013

"Candles" (piece for symphonic orchestra), Greece - 2013

"Smoking Waves of Wind" (piece for string orchestra), Greece - 2013

"Plato's Academy Suite" (piece for symphonic orchestra), Greece - 2013

"Dead End" (Contemporary Dance theater), Greece - 2012

"Dark York" (piece for chamber ensemble), Greece - 2011

"Frankenstein" (Contemporary Dance Theater), Greece - 2010